Documents required for the accounting work:

At first, you have to consider the beginning and the end of the accounting period. usually, there are two possibilities:

  • January 1 to December 31
  • April 1 to March 31 (these dates being the most common)

In Hong Kong, you should provide:

  • Monthly bank statements
  • Issued invoices
  • Received invoices
  • Agreements signed on behalf of the company
  • A list matching purchase & sell invoices

Afterward, during the auditing process, you’ll be required to reply a few requests in order to improve the auditor’s understanding of your business and related transactions. The overall goal of this process is to determine your taxable profit, acknowledge or not if you are compliant with the company ordinance (in Hong Kong). For some companies, this is, as well, an opportunity to define whether their business is considered as offshore or onshore.


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Profit Tax Return - PDF Format

Profit Tax Return – Sample

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