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"After having helped 100+ companies to register in Asia, COVID lockdown made it difficult to reasonably stay on the continent. We therefore requested the Company Registry to cancel our TCSP license. In consequence, HKPACKAGE does not accept new client for registration and maintenance services. Nevertheless, we can connect you with excellent professionals in Singapore or Hong Kong if you wish to establish a company in those territories. At last, if you require our services to find an accountant or an auditor, feel free to request a quotation on this website."

Founded in 2008, we helped numerous companies to register and maintain the business compliant in China and Singapore

We have the knowledge & experience, while having the independence to assist you honestly with full transparency.

Performed with honestytransparency and experience.

Assistance included in English & French under 24 hours.

A fair price while being hosted in one of the most reputable district in Hong Kong.

Our database includes:

selected accounting firms

2021-2022 Profit Tax Discount
10k HK$

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We are providing you with the last data related to accounting & auditing processes in Hong Kong.

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