In Hong Kong, a PTR is a tax return usually received at the end of the administration fiscal year (March 31). The form received is registered under reference BIR51. If you haven’t received your profit tax return or lost it, you can contact us in order for us to provide you assistance to collect it.

If this is the first time, you receive your return, you usually have within a month in order to collect your documents (link), provide them to an accountant & auditors and ask them to fill your profit tax return.

If this is not the first time you receive this document, chances are that you received your PTR in the first working days of April and that your deadline is around Nov, 15 of the same year.

The PTR goal is for every company to be able communicate yearly its audited accounting records to the Inland Revenue Department. This return should mention, among others, company’s total income, profit, onshore & potentially offshore. This difference will define different courses of actions related to where you will pay your taxes for your company, if you have any taxable profit.

We will deal with the concepts of onshore, offshore and offshore claim in other articles.

Reminder: our service is free of charge for our endusers while we will be available to help you to communicate with the accountant or auditor and to understand the concepts & process, if you choose to accept the offer of the accountants or auditors introduced by us.